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Alternative cross contamination prevention system. Antimicrobial effect of some metals is known for ages and it was used extensively in almost all cultures mostly for prolongation of food shelf life.

With invention of highly effective antibiotics and preservatives in the beginning of last century, there was no need for alternative way of fighting against pathogen microbes any more.

Unfortunately and despite safe feeling under protection of antibiotics, microbes efficiently struck back with emerging of multidrug resistant bacteria.

Regarding their multi resistivity to modern antibiotics, these bacteria are the most dangerous microorganisms causing hospital acquired infections.

Ion Protect is first application of ionic reduction of microbes designed to be applied onto existing furniture and equipment in sterilization departments, where possibility of cross contamination is the highest.

Ion protect is self adhesive surface which causes fast reduction of all, even multidrug resistant bacteria.

 As such it is not intended to be replacement, but great complement to existing disinfectants and it is providing additional safety in case of their fail.

IonProtect works with releasing of ions which are efficiently destroying microbes by physical degradation of their structure. Ion protect is the most effective in contact however its biocidal effect is proven by many studies also in non contact distances, up to couple of decimeters.

Typical application is protection of door knobs, different buttons, telephone handsets, working surfaces in hospitals…

Application is of IonProtect is simple. After releasing protective liner on the back, sticker is gently pressed onto surface. Caution should be paid to avoid trapping bubbles under sticker of larger dimension. Nevertheless these kind of bubbles can be punctured by needle and air squeezed out latter on. If needed, Ion Protect can be trimmed with scissors to desired dimension.

Once in place, its efficacy is not decreasing during time as in case of disinfectants where human factor is highly included (necessary periodic disinfecting)

Because of natural oxidation of copper surface, appearance changes during time. Despite the fact, that functionality and antibacterial efficacy is not affected by this effect, we suggest to change ion protect periodically for aesthetic reasons. Otherwise, IonProtect efficacy is not time limited, until degraded by oxidation or worn out by routine use.

Why using ARROWPACK Ion Protect:
  • Alternative solution at fighting pathogen bacteria.
  • Generally effective against microbes.
  • Strong contact antimicrobial effect.
  • Reduction of microbes even at non contact distances up to couple of decimeters.
  • Continuous releasing of active ions once placed onto surface.
  • Continuous antimicrobial efficacy independend of human factor.
  • No side effects for personnel or patients.

Order info:

  Cat. Nr.
IonProtect surface 400mm×300mm * 70100
IonProtect button 70300
IonProtect door handle set 70400

* Other shapes and dimensions are also available.

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