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Parametric Check pT-Tester

The first, double check, indicator for two, most critical parameters on your sealing device, namely temperature and pressure.

pT-Tester is an unique dual parameter check for routine and daily monitoring of your sealer device performance, to ensure complete integrity of your sterile barrier system (SBS).

pT-Tester complies to the ISO EN 11607-2 requirements.

ARROWPACK uses only high developed nano-ink technologies, which allows precise interpretation of parameters.

pT-Tester is usable in conjunction with ARROWPACK Push DyeTest and will ensure complete integrity of all seal areas.

pT-Tester allows CSSD managers to check at any time and without any doubt the pressure and temperature of the sealing devices in a quick and professional way.

Why using ARROWPACK PT-Tester

  • Double parametric test
  • Easy to use and very simple to read
  • For all types of rotary sealers
  • Results are instantly given by clear and simple information
  • Precise parameter measurements
  • Determines if pressure within optimal values
  • Determines if temperature within optimal values
  • Ensures integrity of closure with clear and precise interpretation
  • Combine with ARROWPACK Push-DyeTest to give complete seal assurance.

Order info

  Cat. Nr. Quty/box
pT-Tester Steam Packing 44200 10
pT-Tester Plasma Packing 44210 10
pT-Tester Ultra 44220 10
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