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ARROWPACK - TitePack is the safest and most effective protective packaging system for trays and all of other wrapped packs for all types of steam sterilization cycles.

ARROWPACK -TitePack is a revolutionary innovation developed for use in combination with all types of sterilization wraps to reinforce and give maximum protection to the barrier system (SBS).

ARROWPACK - TitePack uses the latest shrink technologies eliminating the need for any capital expenditure. The heat generated in the steriliser itself is sufficient.

ARROWPACK - TitePack is made-of temperature sensitive material that shrinks during the steam sterilization process, regardless to Sterile pack material, wrapped trays or packs are held tightly and intact, all lost of integrity are eliminated. TitePack complies with EN ISO 11607.

ARROWPACK - TitePack eliminate all human and material errors

Why using ARROWPACK TitePack


  • ARROWPACK TitePack guarantees a strong and tight bond of every sterile pack (SBS).
  • Unique opening strips allow simple and quick opening.
  • Self bonding properties and steam indicator class one, eliminates the need for TAPES.
  • Total visibility, allow pack information to see.
  • Made of strong PROTECTIVE FILM, extend shelf live, no risk of burst packs, or released tapes after processing.
  • Reduce packing time considerably.
  • Reduce total manipulation time.
  • Reduce material used.
  • Total barrier security eliminates reprocessing of opened and damaged packs.
  • Security during storage and transport enhanced.
  • No investment for dedicated equipment required.
  • Self bonding uses heat from steriliser.
  • Supplied in a range of reels to suit any size.
  • Customized sizes and print on demand.

Order info:

  Cat. Nr. Quty/box
Tite Pack - Filling unit 56000 1
Tite Pack - Holder 56100 1
Tite Pack 420mm x 60m 56400 2
Tite pack 420mm x 50mm x 60m 56700 2
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